Tuesday, 30 June 2009


My trip to Sukhothai was lovely. I hired a bike and spent the weekend riding around, finding old temple ruins and Buddha statues. Unfortunately I managed to develop a fever and fell asleep under the gaze of one of the larger statues. Subsequently I dissapeared off into a rather surreal feverish dream but even this was rather pleasant. After a rather sad and stressful week, a couple of days out of Mae Sot was just what I needed!

I've moved from the Child ward to the Adult ward. It's pretty hectic: We have maybe 40 patients at a time and they have a massive range of illnesses. There are a lot of medics about, some with years and years of experience (who I've been getting some teaching off) and others who first stepped onto the wards last week. I've been helping some of the new medics clerk in patients and do the ward rounds. I've also been trying to teach about disease, medicines and examinations (some don't know the difference between bacteria and viruses).

Teaching English is going well and I've even gained an assistant: Myo Myo who I worked with in my 2nd week has a great understanding of English. He's teaching me grammar (breaking down sentances into ways I neer imagined!) which I, in term, hope to teach to my class. Enough. It's 7.30pm and I'm yet to go home so I'll write more later in the week.

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